How to access GoDaddy cPanel (with step-by-step images)

In this quick guide, I will show you how to locate the cPanel page on the website.

Godaddy sign in homepage

1. Go to the GoDaddy website at Here, in the top-right corner, hit the Sign In button.

Godaddy sign in extra menu

2. An extra menu will appear. Click on the Sign In button.

Visit my account button

If you are already logged in, instead of the Sign In button, you will see the Visit My Account button.

Godaddy acount credentials

3. On the next page, fill in your login credentials for your GoDaddy account and hit the Sign In button.

Godaddy my product page

4. You will reach the My Products page, where you can see all the products that you own in your account. In the Web Hosting section, click on the Manage button to the right of the hosting option you want to use.

Godaddy small window

TIP: If you don’t see the Manage button (if you are using a mobile phone or your window is reduced), click on the name of your hosting or the “ > ” symbol.

Acess godaddy cPanel dashboard page

5. You are now on the Dashboard page. In the Settings section, you will see your login credentials to the cPanel page.

You can not change your username, but your password can be changed here.

6. If everything looks good, hit the cPanel Admin button. This will bring you to the cPanel page (the browser will open the cPanel page in a new tab).

Godaddy wp admin page

If you have a GoDaddy plan without cPanel, you cannot access the cPanel page. Instead, you will see the WP Admin button. Here, you can install a WordPress site through the simple setup wizard. This hosting is very limited but if you only want to build one site, it’s enough.

TIP: If you can not find the cPanel Admin or WP Admin buttons (this usually happens on mobile phones or if your window is reduced), there will be three dots next to the name of your website instead. If you click on these dots, one of the options should be cPanel Admin or WP Admin.

Godaddy cpanel login credentials

7. On the next page, fill in your GoDaddy cPanel login credentials. This login information is located on the Dashboard page in the Settings section (see step 5).

Godaddy cPanel page

8. And voila, here we are! This is the cPanel page. Congratulations!

If you have any questions related to the GoDaddy cPanel, feel free to leave a comment below. I will gladly respond to all of your questions.

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